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Top 3 Most Viewed Gorillaz Music Videos

#1:Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

Trash Talk – The Great Escape

Trash Talk – “The Great Escape” (music video by Forest City Rockers)

Crazy animated music video with scenes of violence for Trash Talks song ‘The Great Eacape.

Top 10 Animated Music Videos by

Top ten animated music videos

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Aimated Lyric Video)

Nicki Minaj Gets Animated For ‘Anaconda’ Lyric Video

In this animated lyric video, rapper Nicki Minaj’s lyrics are splashed across the screen in various diferent fonts. Some of the fonts are reminscent of 8-bit computer graphics

James Taylor ( Arcus Animation Studios ) – Serotonin Sarah Music by ‘Emergency Door Release’ 1st Animuse Winner!

The Audreys – Sometimes The Stars

The Audreys – Sometimes The Stars (Animated by Luke Jurevicius)

Moonlit, cloudy, clever character animation by Luke Jurevicius, with a nice blend of very detailed backgrounds and a fairly basic character features with scenes of hazy silver lined clouds.